Tomorrow, today.

If all we had was here and now,
If tomorrow couldn’t be lay-byed today.
Would you tell your stories now?
Would today stop being memories of yesterday,
What else would you say?

Doesn’t matter, though, does it?
Today regrets yesterday,
Promises tomorrow,
Invests in possibilities,
Ignores the momentary certainties.

Nothing right,nothing wrong.
Just another day,
Another unsung song.

If all you had was the here and now,
If tomorrow was laid-bye today.
Would you tell stories now,
What else would you say?

Same Ride. Different Day.

Same ride, different day.
Cloudless sky, stifling air,
Summer’s heat,
Quiet despair.

Same ride, different day.
Same highs. Same lows.
Pretend it’s a different ride,
Because its a different day
And there’s another stranger at your side.

Same ride, different day,
Hands in the air,
Hands on the bar,
Eyes closed,
Wind in your hair.

Same ride, different day
Climbing higher to see new heights
Right before crashing lows,
Same view, but what sights.

Same ride. Different day.
Same ride. Different day.


I’d like to take you in my arms,
Feel your lips pressed against mine,
Filled with silent yearnings,
Your palm pressed against mine.

I’d like to feel your body near me,
To read your skin with my fingertips,
Feel your heart beating through me,
Taste hidden longings in your kiss.

I’d like to tell you that I want you,
Without it seeming carnal, hollow, and cheap,
To hold you, feel you and in this moment see you.
But words lead to fights, and I keep the peace.

They Live Among Us

Summer thunder storms are ushered in on the back of blustering winds. The wind whips against doors and windows until they rattles on their hinges. Storm clouds gather and the air smells of rain. It won’t rain. Droughts carry the promise of rain, but little else.

The crescent moon lies shrouded in clouds, the day’s heat having given way to a now broken promise of rain, that no one really believed in. Sitting out on the swings, alone with her thoughts and made up conversations, she rocked back and forth slowly on the tyre swing. Her finger lightly trailed the tear mark on the side of the swing. The tear nearly cut through the whole tyre. Nothing quite living on the edge, swinging back and forth on a converted car tyre on the brink of coming apart.

In her peripheral vision, she was aware of a security guard making his rounds. She saw him change directions and make a beeline in her direction.

“Ah! You’re on the swings!” It was a brilliant opening line,
“You’re swinging alone,” again, the brilliant opening line is nothing, if not supported by unparalleled skills of observation,
“Why?” Asking questions is an essential part of human interaction.
“Why not?”
“Ah! You’re question is difficult, you know?”

What followed was a brief silence before he took his leave.

She continued to swing,

He returned, walking with a new found purpose,

“Give me your number, I call you later.” Suspecting that she might have misheard him, she asked,
“Give me your number. I call you later.
“No. I’m not giving you my number.”
“I said, give me your number, I call you later,” his tone indicated that he genuinely believed she hadn’t heard him.
“No. I’m not giving you my number.”
“Why? I buy you chocolate.” But truly, Casanova has nothing on this Lothario.

Eventually he left, stalking off into the darkness. Considering the evening’s events, she considered it safest to leave before his third attempt.

I just called to say, I miss you

The phone rings. And by that we mean the screen lights up and a person’s name appears above a circle of three options. Slide left to answer, slide right to ignore or slide down to ignore and msg. Its like being on your own personal game show, “And lets look at the options Randy, on the right we have a possible telephone conversation, recent studies indicate that people still do talk to each other. On the left, we have that nasty hang up and reject button. Quick and economical but the price of social awkwardness can be too much for some! You have four rings to make your choice!”

The phone also gently vibrates, unobtrusive and yet persistent. There’s no audible ring tone, too loud, too distracting.

Looking over at the phone she sees the name. She’s unsure of which option to go with. There are two people in her phone with that name and she doesn’t know their respective numbers at a glance so she doesn’t know which person it is. One namesake she likes, the other namesake has the conversation skills of a rock.

She lets it go to voicemail.

Later she checks the number. It was the Rock who called. Satisfied with her earlier decision to ignore the call, the day continued.

Later on, they were texting;
Her: you rang?
Him: yes…
Her: why, what’s up?
Him: I wanted to talk to you. I missed you.

And this annoyed her. Knowing full well that she works long hours he decided to call her because he missed her. He missed speaking to her and so decided to take the initiative to call, because he had nothing important to say that required an immediate audible response, just to scratch an itch, fill a void and get a fix. Phone has 5 different ways to get in touch without calling, and still, he calls. For what?

This coming from the same guy who a week prior had tried to convince her that she needed to have kids and her nonexistent desire to have children was a cute but ultimately unacceptable choice.

For future information, do not converse with rocks.